5 Reasons You Should Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

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5 min readNov 13, 2018

The tempo of innovation and variety of resources available to entrepreneurs nowadays is not anything brief of awesome and in spite of the many digital marketing channels, email marketing remains one of the best digital marketing channel for communication, larger reach, prompt delivery, conversions and higher ROI. Three- quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI. (Ecosultancy, 2016). In addition, email is an open platform and is here to stay.

In this guide, we’ll show you five reasons you should use email marketing as part of your digital marketing approach to grow your business.

Larger Reach: Over Half Of The Entire Planet Uses Email Right Now

Email is a preferred communication channel for businesses as studies show that 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media. Social media for most people, is used to see photos and updates from people they love and care about but the email makes sure people are always expectant to receive information about products and services. The currency of the internet is the email and there’s no channel with a much wider reach than email when it comes to relating with your possibilities and customers.

With Facebook and Twitter currently bragging over 2.23 billion and 326 million active users respectively, it is tempting to accept that social media is the only way to reach the audience. The fact that the statistics on the use of email is not often shared does not make email unimpressive. According to a 2018 Radicati Group study, there will be more than 3.8 billion email users before the start of 2019, over 100 million more than the previous year. In other words, over half of the entire planet uses email right now.

About 90% Delivery Rate

On Facebook, if you post an update to your 5,000 fans only about 100 of them will have a chance of seeing it in their news feed. Alternatively, if you send an email campaign to 5,000 subscribers at least 4,000 of them would receive it in their inbox. This means your message is more likely to be seen using email than Facebook and that is why Forrester Research says, if marketers have to choose between adding a subscriber to their email list, or gaining a new Facebook fan, they should go for the email subscriber every time with reasons being that Facebook limits the number of times your posts appear in the News Feed in an attempt to drive brands towards their paid advertising options and your email subscribers clearly said they wanted to hear from you when they signed up for your email list, giving you permission to send them emails.

Thinking of the sponsored ads you see on Facebook or Instagram news feed– did you ask those companies to market to you? Probably not explicitly. Therefore, email is a proven communication channel that ensures your audience gets your message.

High ROI and Conversion Rates

It is impressive to know that the average click-through rate of an email campaign is around 3% (of total recipients), whereas the click-through rate from a tweet is around 0.5%.

Email creates call- to- action that allows recipients to click to open and click- through after reading, thereby creating a path toward conversion aligning with the focus of entrepreneurs- turning prospective customers to paying customers. Even if a click does not happen, recurring emails sent to interested subscribers creates a drip campaign that can lead to success. That is why you’ll see some results immediately, while other results happen over time.

Since email is able to drive conversion, it is okay to also say that it is one of the most effective marketing channel to drive Return On Investment (ROI), determined by delivering highly personalized and relevant messages to segmented audiences. Having access to real-time analytics of your subscribers based on their demography, click through rates, open rates and user interests and more on an email marketing platform as termii.com is a powerful way of leveraging data to grow your business.

Email is an open platform

The situation with channels like Facebook and Twitter is they are owned and managed by third parties which keep entrepreneurs at the mercy of the changes they make to their platform. While businesses are investing in different social media platforms, buying large social followings in order to be able to communicate and engage with their audience, Facebook and Twitter is continually updating its algorithms to reduce the number of fans who will see a brand’s post except for the paid advertisements. This has become so frequent that 98% of brand followers will never see posts in their news feeds.

Email, however, isn’t owned or managed by any one specific party. It’s an open platform for communication as there are a large number of services that provide access to send and receive emails. The various range of businesses using email marketing ensures that not one party can make changes which are going to have a general effect, and unlike Facebook or Twitter, if you spend money and time into putting up an email list, it’s a resource you will own and be capable of managing without the problem of third party changes.

Email Marketing is Here to Stay

Consider you have spent so much money building up an audience on a social networking platform and all of a sudden, it went solo a year or two years later. This would terribly affect your capability to get and engage potential customers.

Do you Remember Myspace, Friendster? Where are these social networking sites today? Friendster, while announcing its break stated that the site was not as engaging as they hoped for. This is because users left for other social networking sites hence, dropping their engagement and popularity.

Another interesting thing Friendster did was to encourage its users to join their email list so as to get updates. This further proves that email marketing is here to stay. Unlike building a social media following, building your email list, is a stable long-term investment that will pay off for many years to come.



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