7 Tips for Optimizing your WhatsApp Chatbot for Success

Businesses are massively adopting the use of virtual assistants in their messaging strategies and are seeing massive returns.

WhatsApp chatbot is an opportunity your business must explore.

Chatbots generally ( for WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack) are winning businesses over and, according to these statistics on HubSpot, Messaging apps are used by 5 billion users monthly, with 55% of consumers are willing to interact with a business via messaging apps to solve a problem.

If your company is looking to leverage WhatsApp chatbot technology to offer the best services by serving your customers from the most preferred channel around the world, it’s good to have a good start.

Here are tips and recommendations on where the biggest opportunities are and how to take advantage of this channel in automating your customer service.

1. Create bot content tailored specifically to your company

Before even thinking about WhatsApp, it’s essential to ensure your chatbot content suits your customers.

The first step would be to upload the potential questions and answers you know your customers will make. Outline the purpose — are you creating a bot strictly to handle customer support cases or increase sales? What are the frequently asked questions and enquiries the customer service team is always answering? Is this a bot that will be accessible to every registered user or just for specific aspects of customer support?

Once you have an idea, it’s time to start the ball rolling.

2. Engage with your customers

You can use messages as notifications or alerts to communicate with your customers on the WhatsApp chatbot. These are called message templates — they’re useful when you need to verify a customer’s transaction and send real-time product notifications about a purchase.

However, there’s a condition that comes with using the message template. Once you have created a message template it has to be approved by WhatsApp before you can effectively apply it.

A very key factor to remember is that this channel cannot be used for promotional purposes.

The Device Templates feature on Termii offers businesses set a template for the one-time-passwords (pins) sent to their customers via WhatsApp. (The link to request for a Template is available on each customers dashboard on Termii)

3. Design conversations that guide your customers

This is a set of responses using chatbot flows. These flows, however, may be unattainable if you want more human dialogue, sometimes they can be what your customers need. Be sure to understand your customers need before implementing this.

4. Your answers don’t have to be boring

Compared to other automated channels, WhatsApp has some limitations. But not notwithstanding, the answers do not have to be restricted to just text. Emojis can be added in your text just like you would do when you talk to a friend, to make your conversations natural.

‍Likewise, images, carousels and links to videos are a good option to use for displaying products and services or introducing the latest discounts to your customers.

5. Chat naturally

Thanks to conversational artificial intelligence, you do not have to fuss over spelling mistakes. Bots can recognize typographic errors and give the correct answer.

If you have customers across the globe, it would be complicated if you had to pay attention to the difference in languages when uploading content especially words that are of the same language but named differently. Thankfully, these chatbots understand regionalisms and colloquial words.

6. Handle Transaction confirmations in seconds

Your customers will love being able to verify their transactions and get the status of order instantly just by opening WhatsApp.

7. Be ready to engage with your customers on any channel they prefer

You can never run of topics on chatbots. At times, the generic content on the chat flow is not entirely satisfactory when it comes to handling more complex questions. In such cases, it’s appropriate to transfer the session to a support representative via a live chat where it can be resolved instantly.

Leveraging Artificial intelligence is equally very helpful for the customer support team. When receiving certain repetitive questions, the bots assist by showing the suggested answers. This way, the support team can provide faster customer service.

Want to get started?

To get started with WhatsApp you can schedule a demo session with one of our in-house experts. They’ll answer all your questions and suggest the best option for your company.

If you already work with Termii and want to add WhatsApp to your support channels, kindly contact your Customer Success Manager.


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