There is a sufficient amount of positive reasons to use WhatsApp Business – for you and your customers:

  • Messaging allows you to react faster to customer requests and solve questions before they put them off the purchase, which ends up increasing your customer satisfaction and boosting your conversion rate.
  • WhatsApp…

Today, we’re announcing the release of the Termii Sandbox, which marks another key milestone in our mission to power customer messaging for the next generation of African technology businesses!

With the Sandbox, technical and business teams can quickly test the reliability and sustainability of our messaging products and services. This…

Termii is live in Senegal, and we’re extremely thrilled to bring our services to even more brands and businesses across Africa!!

As we continue to revolutionize the Future of Messaging Technology in Africa, we’re super pumped to keep opening our doors to hundreds of businesses — eCommerce stores, tech startups…

Termii Inc.

Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.

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