Accelerate Customer Experience with Digital Communication in Healthcare

The wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly reshaped the expectations for both medical providers and patients. There has been a massive increase in the consumption of healthcare services, hospitals have found themselves transforming into the digital patience experience, reflected in the proliferation of medical and wellness apps.

Today’s healthcare consumers want a highly efficient digital patient experience.

“41% of patients say improving digital tools and communications should be a top priority for health organizations.”

More medical providers are offering access to care via technology as a means to keep patients connected with their providers while out of the office, making telehealth helpful for COVID-19 symptom screenings or helping to connect patients to other types of medical care, and continuing chronic disease management.

“With 70% of patients deferring or canceling treatment, virtual tools were widely adopted as an essential lifeline for continuing care.

…Patients liked digital health technology because it was convenient while still delivering personalized care.” — Accenture.

This is mounting evidence that telehealth and digital communication is a much-needed development that is here to stay.

How to Accelerate Customer Experience with Digital Communication

A major way to providing an excellent medical customer experience is leveraging a messaging platform to power (life-saving) medical alerts with multi-channel notifications. All health-related issues require an immediate response, by delivering timely and reliable alerts to a patient’s preferred messaging platform, you can be sure that timely and appropriate actions will be taken.

When digitizing communication in healthcare, all medical and wellness apps (including hospitals) must do well to be connected across every communication channel. This is because communication varies by the patients — some would prefer chat apps, (like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) and others, SMS over voice. The communication platform you integrate with should be able to deliver alerts to whichever channel is more accessible to the patients.

This ability to send notification alerts to users based on their preferences and device usage should be simple and not complex and is achievable through a single API like Termii’s Switch making it easy for telehealth companies to provide optimum client/patient support.

There’s also a good chance a majority of your users are on WhatsApp. As of 2021, WhatsApp has gained approximately two billion monthly active users, (outranking Facebook Messenger at 1.3 billion.) It is safe to say WhatsApp has become the most popular replacement for SMS text messages. As this trend continues, telehealth businesses will need to ensure they can support new communication/messaging channels seamlessly across all platforms, in much the same way Termii’s Switch supports WhatsApp.

Prioritize Segmentation

The highest priority of any health service provider should be efficient operations. It is important to draw up user/patient segments based on their pre-defined needs (the preferred device or mobile platform usage). When you’re able to define these classes with the right tagging hierarchy, it ensures your communications are delivered only to the specific patient that needs that information, reducing wasted time and spinning up unnecessary resources. APIs, like Termii’s Switch, can be used to segment every detected and foreseeable medical emergency and send very specific notifications to every segment/group of your users.

Use-case —

Helium Health is a health-tech company using technology and data to advance universal health coverage by providing a suite of full-service solutions for all healthcare stakeholders in emerging markets through its Electronic Medical Records/Hospital Management Information System (EMR/HMIS) to help hospitals and clinics automate their processes and engage patients, all resulting in a significantly better quality of care.

The platform is ranked the #1 healthcare technology provider in West Africa, facilitating hundreds of thousands of encounters each month across the region, and currently uses Termii’s messaging API to engage customers of their clients and maintain consistent digital communication across every channel.

“Prior to using Termii, we had the challenge of our client’s messages not delivering to numbers on DND. We have been able to solve this problem by using Termii’s Switch, causing up to 75% of the successful client message deliveries.

Also, the great customer support we get from Termii has contributed to us getting the best of the Termii platform.” — Adeolu for Helium Health

When you have a digital communication infrastructure using APIs like Termii Switch, you can ensure your healthcare platform can scale and adapt to future technologies — with the comfort of knowing that your workforce has the best response system out there.

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Cecilia Abegunde

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