Announcing Chipper Cash Integration to Termii’s Verification APIs

The challenge: finding an affordable and seamless way to connect with, and verify users transactions

“Prior to joining Termii, we were with an alternative provider and faced some significant challenges. Some of these challenges were SMS messages being delivered to numbers that were no longer in use, failing OTP’s, not being able to localize our SMS delivery service in the countries we were operational in, all at a substantial cost to us as a business.“ — Sami Butt, Product Manager

Chipper Cash turns to Termii for a more efficient solution that verifies user transactions with ease

“As a growing fin-tech business with even bigger growth aspirations for the future, we took the stance to look for an alternative provider which could offer us all the services we required foremost, reliability being the main one.” — Sami Butt, Product Manager

What does it mean for Chipper Cash consumers?

“Since we have made the switch to Termii, we have seen a considerable difference in the amount of SMS drop-off and steady uplift in successful OTP delivery. Furthermore, with the help of the team at Termii, we have been able to successfully localize our SMS delivery services in two of the countries we are operational in. All in all, a much better and cost-effective service.” — Sami Butt, Product Manager



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Termii Inc.

Termii Inc.

Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.