Announcing Chipper Cash Integration to Termii’s Verification APIs

Utilizing verification codes sent to users across instant messaging channels has become the best alternative to passwords for modern global businesses, specifically financial tech companies.

Currently, over 3000+ modern businesses across Africa leverage Termii’s verification API to provide secure access to their services while keeping customer information safe. This API works by generating and sending verification codes (one-time passwords) across multiple channels like SMS, voice, and WhatsApp, which only the user can utilize to access an application or authenticate an online transaction at lightning speed.

Chipper Cash is a cross-border startup that facilitates peer-to-peer payment across 7 African countries — Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Rwanda, including the UK and the USA, in just a few taps and arrives instantly — all for the fair price of free transfers and low cross-border rates.

Launched in October 2018 by Ugandan Ham Serunjogi and Ghanaian Maijid Moujaled, the app has had tremendous growth in the number of users, more countries, and connecting millions across the continent.

As of 2020, the number of users on Chipper Cash increased to 4 million, averaged 80,000 transactions daily in November 2020, and processed $100 million in payments value in June 2020 [Techcrunch]

With the tremendous growth of 4 million active users and over $305 million in capital raised to facilitate more growth and expansion, the team at Chipper Cash realized they needed a messaging provider that would help them seamlessly and effectively verify and authenticate users’ transactions, as well as future proof their communication down the road.

The challenge: finding an affordable and seamless way to connect with, and verify users transactions

As Chipper Cash continued to scale, they realized they needed a better way to engage their users in the countries they are operational in and also enable users to quickly verify their transactions and provide more value at low cost, which wouldn’t impact conversion.

Chipper Cash turns to Termii for a more efficient solution that verifies user transactions with ease

After searching for a reliable partner, they found that using Termii’s verification platform, they can have an all-in-one platform for timely customer communication and verification.

Businesses that implement our messaging and verification API instantly benefit from: reliable APIs for authenticating payment and sales transactions, fraud risk prevention, cost savings, and international coverage.

Termii’s verification platform allows businesses like Chipper Cash, one of Africa’s leading Fintech platforms, to power seamless verification and authentication of customer identities and transactions.

With Termii’s intuitive messaging and verification platform, Chipper cash will continue to experience improved and instant verification of transactions on multiple channels — SMS, voice, and WhatsApp.

What does it mean for Chipper Cash consumers?

· Trusted and secure way to send and receive money with Chipper Cash.

· Protection against identity theft, since they’re authenticating with their registered mobile device.

· Less hassle from failed payments

With a bright future ahead of the team, Chipper Cash will no doubt grow aggressively across the continent.

Termii is committed to helping businesses across Africa use messaging channels to verify and authenticate customer transactions.

Cecilia Abegunde,

Growth Associate Termii Inc.