Build vs Buy: What to do for your In-App Communication Needs?

Top of this list is The Cost Involved

Time to value

  • Technical debt: This is the assumed cost that would go into additional development work to fix (bug) issues that may occur in the long run. You will eventually take on a significant amount of technical debt — code or design debt, not only in terms of code changes but also in storage and infrastructure.
  • Maintenance cost: Before launching, you can only do so much to ensure the solution built in-house is operating perfectly. However, even after finding and squashing bugs, with evolving technology, there might be new fixes along the way. To prevent your product from backsliding, you need to invest in regular maintenance. And with new compliance and regulations popping up amid growing privacy and security concerns, your product will need to constantly evolve to cater to these changes.
  • Strategic costs: If you want a competitive advantage, you’ll need to account for strategic costs — the costs incurred when your business wants to seize and address a new opportunity, coupled with your existing maintenance costs.

The problem being solved

Resources available at your disposal

Track record of the development team

Associated risks

The Competitive advantage your brand seeks



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Termii Inc.


Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.