Busha Partners with Termii to Power Seamless Authentication of customer transactions

Secure and seamless verification and authentication are essential components of Fintech businesses. In recent years, we’ve seen massive and innovative growth in digital literacy and the high demand for online financial activities like online banking, online shopping, money transfers, etc., the number of FinTech services is also increasing and changing, and we’re super excited to be an active part to automate and facilitate the management of financial operations across Africa.

With this in mind, we’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Busha, one of Africa’s leading digital asset platforms, to deliver accelerated digital transformation in its end-to-end user/payment authentication endeavors.

About Busha

Launched in 2019, and leveraging the power of crypto, Busha is connecting thousands of Africans to the global economy — businesses and local individuals can accept payments from anyone anywhere in the world without restrictions.

And leveraging Termii’s verification and messaging APIs, it’s able to seamlessly enable Africans to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies with ease.

Busha’s unique offer

To start accepting payments from anywhere in the world via crypto on the Busha platform, simply log in to your Busha dashboard. New users can visit the website to create their accounts and also download the app on the App Store or get it from the Play Store.

Cecilia Abegunde




Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.

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Termii Inc.

Termii Inc.

Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.

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