How Personalization Drives Higher ROI for Retail Brands

“If brand loyalty is a goal, make sure you have a detailed understanding of your customers.” — Salesforce

“Almost 90% of online businesses already invest in personalization.” — Forrester

How personalized experiences help retail brands stand out

“72% of customers will only engage with personalized messaging.” — SmarterHQ

“48% of consumers have left a company’s website and made a purchase elsewhere. The only reason: the experience was poorly curated.” — Accenture survey, 2018

“Consumers are more than twice as likely to view personalized offers as important than unimportant.” — Salesforce

But how do you spot the right personalization opportunities?

  1. Get up close and personal with your data — Don’t let data be an obstruction on your path to delivering better retail experiences.
  • Try walking in your customers’ shoes! Experience your buyer journey yourself or request feedback from a few customers.
  • Implement two-way conversations in your customer engagement strategy. it’s an impressive strategy for brands looking to improve digital experiences and ROI.



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