How Termii is helping Businesses Improve Customer Experience with Digital Communication

Communication can make or break a business. Being able to communicate effectively with your customers can foster long-lasting and profitable relationships, alternatively leading to increased sales, repeat business, and referrals.

The value of digital communication in an increasingly tech-savvy world is now being understood and embraced by organizations looking to build trustworthy relationships and loyalty with their customers, and more so with customers now wanting to be able to interact with your business on the device and channel of their choice.

The communication referred to here is the messages — promotional and transactional, you frequently engage your customers with. If this is done the right way, the benefits for your organization could be outstanding, as highly engaged and informed customers are more likely to try your new product, make repeat purchases and also extend positive referrals.

Getting it Right

In an ideal business world, organizations should be able to reach their customers frequently across multiple (messaging) channels. While it is understandable that an organization might not have all the resources to push effective digital communication, especially one void of delivery issues — it is here that the value of Termii comes to play — Termii empowers businesses across the African continent to communicate easily with customers across multiple messaging channels.

Simple steps of how this is done:

  • Messaging: personalize messages you send to your customers to improve retention. This starts with a simple process of requesting approved sender IDs which allows you to proceed to send or schedule timed SMS, Email, voice, and Whatsapp messages to your customers. In addition, you get to automatically route failed messages to alternative channels/routes with a 99.9% delivery rate, track the delivery of your messages.
  • Verify Transactions: You can generate One-time-passwords (OTPs) to verify customer identity and transactions across multiple messaging channels — SMS, voice, email, and Whatsapp tokens.
  • Delivery Reports: Termii provides detailed and real customer analytics that will help you understand your customers and help you make better decisions to improve user experience. You get to automatically detect your customer’s accurate mobile network based on our unique search API; you get to find out the status of your customers and know if they have activated the Do-Not-Disturb Service; you also get to retrieve insights about your customers and their interaction with your messages.
  • Integration — APIs: There are RESTful APIs based on simple HTTP POST/GET requests and interestingly, at the point of creating an account, you have access to API keys for authentication and authorization visible on your dashboard which you can integrate to create, send, verify and track the delivery statistics of your messages allows.

What next?

You understand now how Termii is helping businesses foster communication with their customers to improve customer experience, and want to proactively launch a (new) customer engagement strategy in terms of messaging. To do this effectively, it has to be with a platform that understands the value of your communication and will help you maintain consistency in your interactions that will lead to brand love and loyalty with your customers. Remember, the goal is more results in your messaging. You can visit to create a free account and start a free 7days trial, or simply send a mail to

Cecilia Abegunde, Growth Lead Termii

Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.