Omnichannel Engagement: The Benefits of Messaging Apps for Customer Service

The difference between Omnichannel and multichannel

The Benefits…

  1. Increased High-value Customer Engagement — Automated notifications for messaging apps enhance customer service and engagement throughout the customer journey. You can offer your customers continuous conversation flow and also empower your support staff to send and receive messages from different platforms like SMS and WhatsApp.
  2. Increased customer satisfaction and retention — companies are seeking one-on-one conversations with consumers to drive both sales and retention, and WhatsApp is a perfect fit especially with its potential as a low-cost way of engaging with global consumers. Also, a customer is more likely to respond to it as it also enables a 2-way dialogue between the customer and brand.
  3. Increased personalized customer experiences — businesses can create template messages that reflect their brand with the WhatsApp Business API. This provides a close-knit experience for customers and fosters a better customer experience.
  4. Increased customer loyalty –



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