Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference: The recap

Atinuke Idowu, Co-founder and COO, Termii
The Panellists — (L-R — Tobi Amira, COO, TeamApt; Babajide Duroshola, General Manager, M-KOPA; Kika Osiagwu, Sales Associate (Startups), Paystack; Toni Dada, CEO/Founder, Enterscale; Fredrick Adams, Co-founder, and CPO, Bankly)
  • Campaign Dashboard: We’ve built the new Termii Campaign Dashboard around scale and convenience. Now you add up to 200,000 contacts in one phonebook; upload, edit & delete contacts; add phone numbers with different country codes to the same phonebook!
  • Webhooks Dashboard: This feature means more visibility for all your API call! Businesses can view a summary of all API events — SMS, WhatsApp, Balance Notification, Invoices, etc. on their accounts, including their status and performance;
  • Telco Connectivity Monitor (TCM): This feature will help us automatically switch you/suggest a better route for your message delivery, ultimately helping us achieve a 99.9% delivery rate.
Ayomide Awe, Co-founder & CTO, Termii
  • New integrations to Zappier & Quabbly: We’re transforming how you engage with two new integrations to the Termii Developer community. Businesses can automatically send promotional and transactional messages to their customers/users (with a trigger event).
  • Termii V3 Infrastructure: Promises more visibility, less build-time, and better communication.
  • We hit over 2 million message transactions in 6months
  • We’ve processed over 1 billion credit transactions so far
Temi Giwa, Senior Product Manager, Paystack
Ifedolapo Festus, Head, Global Business and Partnerships, Termii



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Termii Inc.

Termii Inc.


Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.