Termii is Live in Senegal!

Termii is live in Senegal, and we’re extremely thrilled to bring our services to even more brands and businesses across Africa!!

As we continue to revolutionize the Future of Messaging Technology in Africa, we’re super pumped to keep opening our doors to hundreds of businesses — eCommerce stores, tech startups, and agencies, via our string of operational routes across Africa, to help get them to stay connected with their customers.

Earlier in the year, we added Ivory Coast to our string of operational routes across Africa, and the traffic has been amazing. Now your customers in Senegal should not feel left out.

To get started, simply login to your Termii account and use the “Countries” feature to request to add Senegal to your account. Or create a free account at https://www.termii.com/

NB: Kindly note that only Sms & Whatsapp OTP API services are currently available.

Don’t forget you can also join our growing developer community to stay updated and have all your technical questions answered.

Cecilia Abegunde