Termii — WhatsApp Messages Types

  • Messaging allows you to react faster to customer requests and solve questions before they put them off the purchase, which ends up increasing your customer satisfaction and boosting your conversion rate.
  • WhatsApp is the easiest, most convenient way for your customers to get in touch with you because it’s already part of their daily habits.
  • Customer service has never been more convenient, efficient – and fun! Share text messages, emoji, images, and files of any kind with your customers.
  • WhatsApp Message Templates: Are formatted and non-editable messages approved by WhatsApp used in cases where you have to initiate conversations with your customers.
  • WhatsApp Free-form Messages — Standard free-flowing messages which support all support or conversational types

WhatsApp message templates

Termii Device Template

Your <%product_name%> authentication code is <%code%>. It expires in <%time_in_minutes%> minutes.

  • Send only relevant messages to only customers that have opted in
  • Make sure your messages are concise and contain the required information.

WhatsApp notification categories

  • Payment Update: Send notifications of a payment update for an existing transaction.
  • Alert Update: Send useful information such as important updates or news to customers.
  • Personal Finance Update: Send notifications about a personal financial activity such as payment reminders, payment receipts, transfer confirmations, or other transactions.
  • Account Update: Notify the user of a change or an update to their account.
  • Appointment Update: Timely notifications such as time changes, location changes, or cancellations about an existing appointment.
  • Issue Resolution: Respond to questions, concerns, or feedback from customers about your business.
  • Reservation Update: Send confirmations, reminders, or other updates to customers about their reservations.
  • Shipping Update: Send shipping updates to customers about their existing orders.
  • Ticket Update: Send information, updates, or reminders for an event for which a person already has a ticket.
  • Transportation Update: Send transportation information or updates like flight status changes, arrivals, or departures to customers.

Free-form WhatsApp messages

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