What SMS (Marketing) can do for your Business

Once you think about a business using SMS, the first thing that comes to mind is, sending a text message about an offer. But of course, that’s one in all the scores of thousands of ways you can use SMS marketing. There are many alternative ways in which businesses can use text electronic messaging to assist them to grow and develop as a business.

Below may be a list of what SMS will do for your business, with the aim to hopefully assist you and provide you with some new concepts to use SMS to assist you to grow your business.

So, you’ve got a client who has simply bought one in all your products online, wouldn’t it be nice to convey them and tell them their order is being proceeded, dispatched, being delivered or perhaps cancelled?

With an automatic text electronic messaging service such as Termii, you can create your system to send a text message to a client once they make a purchase, even with specific details concerning their order. This may be carried on throughout the purchase process and right up to a final message once the product/service has been delivered.

We have found that keeping your customers constantly updated with wherever their order is, immensely improves client satisfaction.

Billboards, TV, radio, print, etc. are many ways in which to promote your business, however, currently, most companies are moving towards text electronic messaging, and with a 98% open rate, you’ll see why.

You can send a text message promoting your website, products, or service. This may be sent in bulk to any or all your customers, or it may be countermined into completely different demographics, which means you’ll target your messages to specific customers.

You can conjointly send a message with offers in, and with a link to your website or telling them to pop into the shop.

Text electronic messaging may be used for communication inside/within your company. If you would like to inform workers or members of a couple of amendment in their shift, a gathering they have to attend or perhaps a workers night out, this may all be finished with an easy text message. All you need do is send an automatic group message with these details.

Finding out what your client thinks of you and your product/service may be the distinction between a returning client or a lost client. Creating a survey over text may be a quick way of obtaining feedback from your customers.

It is very easy, send a text message asking your client to rate you, together with one or two of alternative queries if you’d prefer to ask, and in no time you may have a response.

Don’t have a live chat on your website? Well, you’ll currently use text electronic messaging to talk with those who have an issue.

You can use your website rather than a live chat system, you will use it as in your own way of permitting customers to contact you, or use it as a part of your client service. which means customers don’t have to be left on hold for hours, however, you’ll send them a text to allow them to understand once somebody is available to talk to them, or once the queue is low.

Booking appointments
Some businesses are using text message to allow customers to book appointments, which means they don’t have to have anyone on the phone taking appointments and in the end, saving them cash.

You can use SMS to remind/inform your customers of a briefing, and this may be done automatically. If you regularly have people forgetting they have a briefing and not turning up, you may send them a text message before their appointment as a mild nudge to inform them to not miss it.

This helps to make sure that your client doesn’t forget they have an appointment which means there are not any lost prices in people not turning up or having to re-book once they did not turn up.

Take payments
Some firms use SMS to chase debtors with an excellent success rate. However, if you don’t have the need to chase anyone, you’ll invariably use our Mobile Journeys to gather payments. This implies that there is no need to have someone on the phone taking payment or a sophisticated and pricy system to gather payments, it will currently be done in the course of the texts messages.

SMS will, therefore, do a lot of good for your business, with new ways and models which are constantly being developed on the Termii platform to give you a smooth user experience

One of the ways in which you can begin engaging your customers is to leverage our Multiple messaging channels. Visit www.termii.com to register for a free account today or send a mail to sales@termii.com to get started

Cecilia Abegunde

Digital Support Termii



Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.

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Termii helps businesses verify their customers across SMS, voice, and instant messaging channels.